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You provide:

    1) Sales and Marketing

    You make the decision on the final pricing and marketing strategy under your own brand name.

    2) Customer Service to Your Customers

    You are the first and only point of contact for your customers.  This allows you to start your own hosting company without the startup expense. You perform customer services such as technical support and billing. 

We provide:

    1) Network and Server Administration

    The Sidetrips Data Center is located on the East Coast of the US for highest availability.  With multiple pipes to diverse Internet backbones, you are assured of fast and reliable hosting service for your customers. You can sleep easy at night knowing that the network and servers are being monitored 24x7 by a team of Sidetrips network engineers and system administrators.

    2) Advanced Technical Support

    Any technical support issues or technical sales questions that you can't handle may be forwarded to the Sidetrips Support Group. We are available 24x7 to answer any questions you have. We will respond to your request within minutes.

May I resell virtual servers?

    Sidetrips provides attractive plans for resellers. Our Reseller Plan provides you with a cost-effective way to resell up to ten Web sites to your customers. Many resell these sites for $30 to $50, but what you charge is completely between you and your customer. As far as your customers are concerned, you have your own dedicated servers on high-speed networks.

Tell me more about how it works!

    The Reseller Plan provides you with 10000 MB disk space, 20 IP addresses, and unlimited email accounts. Also included are unlimited email aliasing and forwarding, and unlimited traffic. You may take advantage of SSL secure server access, and other features we include as standard for all our sites.  You may divide these services any way you like for up to ten customers.

    Because performance is important to us, we limit the number of Reseller Accounts on each of our servers. When you add your second Reseller account, you'll begin getting a discount on all services including Reseller account prices.

I don't want my customers to know that I host through Sidetrips.

    Stealing your customers would be bad business, and we won't do that. Your customers will have no contact with us.  If any issues arise, they will contact you, and you contact us. In no case will they hear from Sidetrips directly.

I need really fast service for my demanding customers. If I request changes, how long will they need to wait?

    Normally, routine changes are made within minutes.

What Services are included?

    We do all the setup configuration for you, establishing a user account with POP email and unlimited aliasing, and we point the domain to the directory where you have established your customers' pages.

    Plus, you'll be able to offer prospective clients what we offer; an ultra-fast redundant connection to the internet, plus 24-hour monitoring, UPS and generator power on standby, and daily backups.

What about Disk Space?

    Your Reseller account allows you a generous 10000 MB disk space, or an average of 100/MB per site. You may divide the allotment any way you want. If you need still more disk space, it's only $1.95/month for each 500 MB.

How do I market these virtual servers

    According to the American Association of Home-Based Businesses, there are more than 13 million home-based businesses in the United States. Add millions of small shops, professionals, restaurants, and more. An internet presence makes sense for these entrepreneurs, since it is the single most cost-effective way for them to advertise. Imagine reaching an audience of millions, twenty-four hours a day, all over the world, and all it costs is pennies a day. There just isn't a better way for entrepreneurs to reach potential customers.  And all these small businesses, form accountants to lawyers to restaurants and more, will need a fast, reliable place to host their pages. This is where you come in.

How on earth can you sell 10000MB Web sites as low as $99.95/month?

    Sidetrips is a wholesaler, not a retailer. We provide the same services as our competitors (and often much more) for about half what they charge. We can do this for a number of reasons. First, we have no high-priced advertising program; no slick magazine ads costing thousands of dollars a month. You the reseller are the one bringing in the customers, designing the sites, providing the finished product. You're providing a "value-added" product, buying at wholesale and selling at retail.

    Second, we standardize products and services among all our dedicated servers, which reduces development costs.

    This reduces our costs, and in turn, reduces yours.

OK, I want to get started reselling Virtual Accounts via Sidetrips. What should I do next?

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